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Rolli Media

Wordsmith Experts
Words – Words – Words – tell a story! 
Copyrighting – Internet Content – Print Articles – Social Media Posts – Scriptwriting – Bios – Blurbs 
Ghostwriting – Bid – Technical – Slogans – Video –
Brochure – Sales – Email – Contests – Manuscript Press Releases – Speech – Editing – Manuals +++
How effective or NOT is your content?
Is your content attracting – converting – maintaining your target audience? Or are you struggling to achieve your desired results?
Who ya gonna call – Word Experts!

Let us help you bring your story to life

With more than 30 years of ‘wordsmithing’ experience thousands of published print articles and hundreds of digital pieces, emails, brochures, calls to action, slogans, scripts, speeches, you name it;  when it comes to words, we understand the importance of words – each and every single word

We are master Storytellers! Whose sole purpose, like the fate of a moth to a flame, we have chosen to accept – is to identify, develop and tell your story to engage your target audience and make them feel emotion and connection toward your message. 

Your topic doesn’t matter, just your audience and the results to captivate, to convince, to inspire, to move them – business or social, political or lifestyle, love or adventure – the goal of a story is to entertain and engage your target audience.

Is your current story achieving that result?  


Contact us today and tell us your story!



Strategy is the vital foundation of how to tell your story. Without a developed storyline and scope, the target can be missed, investment lost, the marketplace unreceptive and profit margins lacking. It all starts with a strategy.  


Every word a human speaks has the potential to influence either ourselves or others. Although the sword may win a battle, it is the words we use that eventually win over and transform the world around us. Words have POWER. Words bring EMOTION. Words INFLUENCE results. 


What is the result you desire from your audience reading or listening to your words? What action do you want them to take?

In order to feel an emotion, a person has to be engaged by the message. Engagement is the goal of your words. Effective words – Engaged audience.









We reside in Middle Earth, & are intuitive storytellers

There is no distance in business locals within today’s global marketplace. Just because we’re located at the bottom of the planet doesn’t mean we can’t help you – just the opposite – we live in the land of hobbit magic.

Adventure ahead – contact us today!