Follow Tybor, Frop, Teagan, Chelsea, and their cosmic comrades as they search for answers and their solution. This comic series leads you on an exploration of universal proportions which will unleash global perceptions to reveal the mechanics of the universe which is not for the ignorant of heart. Follow if you dare…

Continue the next adventure in the We All Bleed Red Comic Series Part II …………………………………………………………………… Coming Soon

Books Coming soon

  • The Business of Operating a Family – Mother of six, Jenafor Rollins shares her experience and advice in putting systems and processes into place so you can enjoy each stage of your child’s development and have time to create lasting memories with less stress.
  • Are you an A or an O? What is your natural reaction when you are confronted with a situation? Take this short test and reveal your dominant personality trait which will help you better navigate life.  
  • Caregiver’s Guidebook for an Accident Victim – Someone you care about has been hurt in an accident and you have stepped up to be their caregiver. Included are specific recommendations for an accident patient, versus caring for someone with an illness, to help with their road to recovery.

About Jenafor

Storytelling is my passion! Stories inspired by actual events. Stories which warm the heart. Stories which uplift and inspire a person to reach for their best self. Stories which offer an emotional connection for wherever you are in your life. Stories which impact the reading experience.

Jenafor Rollins is a writer who migrated from the US to New Zealand in 2006. She has written for a variety of businesses and produced a monthly magazine for the senior population and a bi-yearly travel magazine. She is an avid foodie, movie and travel enthusiast, and mother of six.


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